Plato Kosmos – Virtual Online Greek School

Online Greek School of Plato Virtual
Online Greek School of Plato Virtual

We have created online virtual classes to deliver and communicate the rich Greek School of Plato education remotely. From across the United States, to the rest of the world, a live teacher uses interactive video software, to educate students of all ages in small group instruction. Classes meet once a week for an hour. Classes are $80/student/month. Class times and days vary depending on the students and schedule changes are made to better suit the families and teacher availability. If a parent chooses to have more time for their children, arrangements can be made.

Register now and get free access to Our teachers use this great program to accent our rich curriculum and do so in the fun and engaging way. Parents now save $20 a month that they would have spent for this great program on their own. It’s now included in the $80 tuition.

If you are interested in any level, from beginner to adult, please contact us for availability and pricing here

If you are ready to register and pay, please use this link for Plato Kosmos:

** Scholarships available on a case by case basis.

Greek School of PlatoPlato Kosmos – Virtual Online Greek School