Educational Programs

The Greek School of Plato is proud to continue the Pre-Kindergarten classes for children ages 3-4. In addition, we are now offering Saturday Pre-Kindergarten.

​Kindergarten Class
​The positive experience that our children receive as they begin their journey of learning the Greek language is a testament to the return of our children year after year to our Greek school program.

We are now offering Saturday Kindergarten program. Parents have the option of choosing the weekday Kindergarten class offered twice a week for two hours per day or every Saturday for four hours.

Grades 1 through 9
As your child continues on their Journey learning the Greek language, they will begin to learn the vast history of Greece, with every year of progression they will learn that much more of our wonderful history and the ability to read and write the Greek language will be instilled into our children.

Our classes are offered on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, and on Saturdays.

Please contact us for further details.

Enrichment Programs

Ellinomatheia  (Greek Mastery) Enrichment
The “Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek” is administered annually to the students of the Greek Schools in the New York Metropolitan Area. These examinations offer students the opportunity to receive recognition for mastery in the Modern Greek language as well as gain opportunity toward the accumulation of college credit (dependent of the level of testing achieved). In some instances, high level mastery certified under these examinations can equal eight to ten college credits at the Undergraduate level.

The Greek School of Plato offers preparatory sessions to its students and others seeking to take the Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek. We have enjoyed a high success rate among those students who have been prepared through our programs.

Greek Regents Preparation
Although not a New York State exam, it is considered for Regents credits in foreign language studies for qualified students of public and nonpublic schools. It is widely accepted by the public school principals in the State of New York and elsewhere in the country and has benefited thousands of students since 1973.

The Greek School of Plato offers preparatory sessions to its students taking the Greek Regents for the recognition of high school credit and fluency in the Greek language.


Extracurricular Programs

Greek Dance
Greek Dance Classes have begun.  Dance classes are open to all children that want to learn how to Greek Dance.  It is not a requirement to be a Plato student in order to be in the dance program. Our Greek Dance teacher has offered children the opportunity to learn dances from many parts of Greece and the successful dance productions that our school has been recognized for so many years.

Marching Band
We are proud to say that our Marching band is as strong as it has ever been.  With over 60 band members, comprised of students and Alumni, we are proud to be Greek, and even prouder to be PLATONAKIA marching down 5th Avenue every year at the Annual Greek Independance Day Parade.  We have had the honor of being chosen out of all of the Greek Schools in the tri-state area to escort the Evzones (Elite Greek National Guard) for the last four years at the Independence Day Parade.  These are the memories we want our students to hold close to them for the rest of their lives.


Our value can be measured in the enthusiasm, hard work and effort put in by our students, teachers and board members for nearly 40 years and counting. We’ve continued to maintain heritage to an immense community outside the “Greek capital” of New York City (Astoria).