The Greek School of Plato’s Greek-American Community Center

The Greek School of Plato’s Greek-American Community Center’s goal is to further improve and expand it’s current educational and cultural programs, build new ones, and serve the broader surrounding community with external community programs hosted in our space.

Our Manifesto

Today, we live in a fast paced and pressured world. While technology has made the world smaller and enables us to maintain connections — it has also disconnected us from our origins and ideals. This pace has made it difficult for our children to feel connected to something of substance which in turn could give them a sense of positive identity. A true sense of who they are is hard to come by. ​

The Greek School of Plato community center is committed to strengthening the foundations for our youth, so that they can one day build brighter futures. We are focused on the betterment of their minds, hearts and souls. What we call our “Three Pillars”. Ultimately, we are offering them a place where they can discover their Greek heritage, feel the culture and participate in philanthropy. ​

Our building may look modern, but it is firmly built on the old Hellenistic values of our ancestors. We still believe in what they believed. That, “the direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.” – Plato. ​

By investing in our youth, Plato has been and will continue to be the greatest contributor to our community. ​

Plato. The Greek mind, heart and soul. 

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The Greek School of Plato’s Greek-American Community Center Renderings and Progress Photos

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Committed and Potential Center Uses

  • Education

    The Greek School of Plato<br /> Universal Pre-K (UPK)

  • Health & Wellness

    Child and Family counseling<br /> Health Access​​

  • Mentoring Programs

    Training & Employment Services

  • Enrichment

    Arts<br /> Culture<br /> Education<br /> Etc.

  • Social Services and Community Programs

    Health Navigator (NY Health Exchange enrollment), SNAP benefits enrollment, VITA tax prep, Immigration services, etc. ​<br /> ​Senior Center – Access-A-Ride, Adult/Senior Day Care center for socialization

Greek School of PlatoThe Greek School of Plato’s Greek-American Community Center